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The Author and the Illustrator are the same Person!

Drawing was my first love, but that's because when I hadn't learned to read or write as a child, I could always draw and paint on the walls in our house.


My first real painting was a horse.  It had been recommended that I do a "Paint By Numbers" horse, so I found a horse with a number and painted it. When the jockey came back he wasn't very happy. 


That was when I realized how much emotion the Arts can bring. The jockey was so emotional it changed my life forever.


I also decided to write, although my college degree was a Bachelor of Fine Art Degree.


As the 2nd child in a family of 5 children, I wasn't permitted to be the eldest because that was already taken. So my chances of fame and fortune weren't the best.


And that was when I realized I could be justifiably proud of being an impoverished author, and I would be held in high esteem if I appeared I was a starving artist.

And here I am - molded by my childhood, skills honed by my University, with a strange mind that has never used drugs.

- Jamie Olsen, Author -
- Lisa Williams, Illustrator -
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