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Available Tales and Upcoming Tales

Think of this: 15 Minutes of laughing and giggling from the stories, and a lifetime of values learned from the Moral.

Your kids deserve it!

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"""The Ugly Man" - Available NOW


Is this just another trite Fairy Tale about an Ugly Man, a Princess, and a toad and a kiss?!


Quite the contrary! You will laugh and giggle throughout this story as you find that the man may be ugly, but he has assets about which even he isn't aware - especially his honesty and his ability to change.


The Ugly Man and the Princess eventually meet, but the Princess doesn't see him as ugly, for a very odd reason. However, he sees her as quite ugly, even though she's a princess!


They will kiss, at which time everything turns upside-down. It changes him completely (much to her delight) and it changes her in his eyes. What  each thought originally, has become the exact opposite of what we were expecting.


As with all fairy tales, this one has a wonderful ending.

More important though is the Moral of The Story. If you spend only 15 minutes of quality time with your child, you should expect something edifying in the end. This story has you covered! 

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"The King's Jester" - Available Now!"

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Leon wants to win the Jester Contest that the King is holding - because the King needs a new Jester.


You may get the impression that Leon is not really  qualified for such an esteemed position, but Leon thinks he knows what he has to do to win.


You get to follow Leon in this wonderfully funny story of a young man who has a dream and pursues that dream. He studies, works hard, learns new skills, gets a few bumps and bruises along the way, and finally competes in front of the King.


Does Leon win? Does he become the new King's Jester?


You'll have to read to the end to find out. You'll also need to see what Leon learned about himself,  because that is actually what the tale is all about.

Another wonderful ending with a very pertinent Moral.

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The Weird Witch
Available October, 2021

We all know how witches can be - they dress the same, look the same, hang around together, anti-social, do the same things.

But not Wanda! She just didn't buy it! She was her own person, and  nobody questioned if she was different. She was!

But because she was different, and not accepted by the other witches, she was sad and lonely. She had to recognize that  this was not a witch problem - this was HER problem. It was a big decision, but if she was ever going to be happy she realized she needed a change - and change she did.

Follow Wanda as she breaks away from the other witches and finds friendship  in the least expected places.  She didn't just find happiness and friends, she found that her talents were an asset, not a detriment.

As usual, the Moral pulls this story all together with lessons that are valuable to everyone - not just kids!

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"The Queen's Stylist" -  Available Winter, 2021

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10-year old Mark didn't feel well when he came home from school one day. His mother figured that it was possible he had picked up a bug at school, and she was correct.  It left Mark with an unusual condition that was visually obvious to everyone in the village, and they loved to tease Mark about it. But the day the villagers decided to trick Mark and completely denigrate him, the Queen showed up unexpectedly. It didn't take long for the Queen to size up the situation and recognize there was something wrong going on. Unfortunately, she sized it up wrong! And the rest of the story goes in a direction you probably wouldn't expect.

Of course there's a happy ending and, a lesson to be learned from the Moral - but not what you'd expect from The Deep Dark Forest.

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