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Get in Touch or Order Books

Books may be ordered online or directly from the Author

Order from the Author

If ordering from the Author please send an email to and I'd be delighted to autograph the book personally. If you don't want it autographed, let me know and we'll just pop it in the mail after receiving payment..

Order from Amazon

Best Choice for Ordering


$15.99  - Hard Cover

$9.99 Paperback

(Please leave a Review if using Amazon.  Reviews and Rankings on Amazon have a strong influence on book sales)

Order directly from the Publisher

Click HERE - (Writers' Branding)

2nd Best option

Hard Cover - $15.99

Paperback - $9.99

Order from Barnes and Noble

Click  HERE

Hardcover - $15.99

Softcover - $9.99


If you have any questions or want to contact us, feel free to send us a message 

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