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Available NOW:
          "The Ugly Man"

Available NOW:
         "The King's Jester"

Scheduled for October, 2021:
         "The Weird Witch"

Additional Stories to Come!

"So charming!!! Can't wait to see more Tales."


"Perfect for any age!"

"Perfect for any age!"

I love this charming little story. Sent one to a girlfriend in her 40's and one for my daughter (she's 12) and it's relevant for both.


The illustrations are very well done as is the writing. There is a lesson and a moral at the end of each book which will empower children to make positive choices while showing them the consequences of negative choices.

                                    (Unselected Publisher)

I commend you on writing a very funny and clever book that will appeal to a wide range of readers. I can absolutely see the potential for this book as they read it aloud to their young ones, and in turn, children giggling while also learning a valuable lesson.

                       (Unselected Publisher)

"Tales from The Deep Dark Forest" combines unique storytelling and charming illustrations to present easy and enjoyable read for readers of all ages. The book and its entire series is designed to offer a story that is somewhere between fantasy and eye-opening reality that will leave kids giggling and adults laughing.


My granddaughter loved it! She read it 5 times the first day!

What are the "Tales from The Deep Dark Forest"?

The Tales from The Deep Dark Forest is a series of  7 individual stories, each set in a whimsical, previously undiscovered  location - now known as "The Deep Dark Forest". They are humorous, fantastical, whimsical and fun reads for children of all ages. 

Each story was written and illustrated by Jim Haverland, and each story has a very pertinent moral or edifying value at the end that relates to that particular story. (It might include self-esteem, bullying, decisions, first impressions, etc.)

Where else, at these prices, can you get original artwork, humor,

laughs and giggles and a life lesson, not only for the kids?!

No Bunny Rabbits, No Flowers! 

No Fluff!

"The Ugly Man" is the first of the series to be released and is available now. Click here to see a summary of the book and the first 3 pages.

"The King's Jester", the 2nd book, was published on November 30, 2020. Click here for an example of 3 random pages.

"The Weird Witch" is in process and is expected to be available in the October,  2021 time-frame. Exemplary pages have been added  on the "Tales" page.


Many years ago, during an expedition to find a tree that doesn't make a sound when it falls, I stumbled across a previously undiscovered land of very strange and very weird people.  They were wonderful people, but still, very strange and weird!

Over the years, as we learned each others language, we developed a respect for each other to a point when they allowed me to see and study their Historical Archives. The Archives consisted of the stories upon which they developed their culture. 

They then allowed me to translate 7 of their most important stories into English. The stories are not scary at all, even though the forest is deep and dark. Quite the contrary, the stories I chose were enlightening, charming, and insightful. In addition, each story had its own Moral that could apply to children, and frequently to the adult or reader. 

Translating and illustrating has been an arduous task, and many of the tales are almost ready to be published.

In full disclosure, I cannot be sure if the stories are true or if my translations are accurate.  Blame it on the Archives!

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The Price for the Hardcover book is $15.99

The Price for the Paperback is $9.99

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