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Jim Haverland  Artist

I am not known as "Jim, the Landsape Painter".

I am not known as "Jim, the Dog Portrait Painter".

I am simply Jim, the Artist, who will paint anything
I believe is beautiful, enticing, tells a story, and presents a challenge to me and a learning experience for me!


Every painting you see below can be ordered as either an Original or as a Print. If the comment indicates it is "For Sale", the original painting is still available, as is a print of the painting.


If the painting indicates "Sold", then only prints are available.

Anything "In Process" is near completion. If you are interested in the Original, please Email me to reserve.

Ordering on-line is currently in the works, but until that function is available, please Email me directly if you have a request. Based on the media you request (print, framed print, canvas or paper, size of print) I can determine the price for that request and determine the time to fulfill you request.


This Page and Site are UNDER CONSTRUCTION. More Paintings are going to be added soon and I will shortly have more information about availability and pricing.

The Red Barn.jpg
For Sale

"The Red Barn" is one of the paintings in "The Barn Series"

30" X 40", Oil on Canvas, 2023

Although I was tempted to call this painting "50,000 Brush Strokes" because of the grass, trees, leaves, and details in the mid-distance, it is, after all, about a red barn in Colorado. The 2 horses on the right, and the stand of trees on the left, were a late additions to this picture because I thought it needed some additional life and a minor deviation from the obvious focal point, the barn.


"UGA" - A very special painting in my "Dog Portraits" Series.

36" X 36", Oil on Canvas, Commissioned and completed early 2023.

This is UGA X, the 10th mascot bulldog of the University of Georgia Athletic teams. 

Buyer: Can you paint a dog?

Me: Of course! What kind of dog?

Buyer: A Bulldog?

Me: Of course, How big?

Buyer: The size of my wall?

Me: Can we make it a little smaller? Like 3 feet by 3 feet?

Buyer: That's a good size. Can you add "National Champions? and Back to Back?

Me: Oh, I get it - you want "UGA", (pronounced "Ugh-a") the mascot of The University of Georgia! I hate lettering, but yes, I can.

Buyer: And can you make him ARROGANT?

Me: Arrogant! Promised and Delivered!

IMG_20231105_153847882 (1).jpg
For Sale

"Rough Seas" is part of my "Spinnaker Series".

16" X 20", Oil on Canvas.

Other than using a reference photo for the boat, this Painting is purely imaginative. It represents sailing off the San Juan Islands, north of the State of Washington.

In Process
For Sale

"Perfect Sailing Day"

 is part of the "Spinnaker Series"

16" X 20", Oil on Canvas

For Sale

Red and White Spinnaker" is part of the "Spinnaker Series"

16" X 20", Oil on Canvas

Casella Flowers.jpg

"Floral Arrangement #22" of a Series of Still Life Subjects

9" x 12", Oil on Canvas Board

I'm not sure if it is the subtlety of the flowers or the subtlety of the glass that drew me to execute many flower arrangements, but they all turned out wonderfully, taught me a lot, and the real paintings look far more vibrant than the photos.

They were also the first items to sell in my first-ever Art Festival. 

For Sale

"Lunchtime! Tuscany Style"

20" High x 16" Wide. Oil on Canvas 

A fun little still-life!

Still life paintings are "fun" for two reasons: there is no cheating. It is either correct in all aspects including the drawing, proportions, perspective or it isn't! If it is off, I know it and have to fix it until it is right. On the other hand, like the Masters, it always forces you to learn. Note the basket on the left with the lace, the glass, bread, and other elements not in landscapes. Never stop learning!

"The Stonebreakers" after Gustav Corbet

17" High x 25"Wide

Oil on Canvas

This painting is a very famous piece of work by French artist Gustav Corbet., who painted it in a much larger size than this copy. (When an Artist states, in the Title, "after", it indicates that it is not his original work, but a copy of the named individual's artwork. 

You may want to read up on the history of this piece of work and understand that it was a very important Commission to the Collector who requested I paint it for him in this reduced size.

You also might try to differentiate between a picture of the original and this version.

It is always an honor to copy and implement the techniques of well-recognized Master Artists.


For Sale

A WatercolorPainting!!!

"All is Calm in Maine"

19"High x 23"Wide

Watercolor on Watercolor Paper

I have  done multiple watercolor paintings over the years but this is one of my favorites.  

Watercolor paintings are a bit of a challenge because they force you into a painting mode that is nearly the opposite of oil paintings, i.e.  mistakes are difficult from which to recover, so they become most important in the concept and then the drawing phase.

You can NEVER stop learning from leaving your comfort zone!

2020 - BirdsAtTheBeach.jpg

"Birds on the Beach"

~15" x 30", Oil on Canvas


I don't like to be pigeonholed as only a landscape artist, however you might have noticed there are a lot of paintings with water and mountains - all places to which I have been.

I was brought up on Long Island, New York where, during my formative years, the beach was a daily occurrence during the summer. I also sailed, was a Life Guard, and swimming Instructor, and loved to fish. Hence, this painting was also a favorite.

Interestingly, although I had sold my first paintings at a street Art Fair, several years prior, this was my first attempt to sell at a Gallery Show where this painting was one of only five that sold. Loved it!

This is the beach at Navarre, Florida, in  the Florida panhandle. It is still the favorite location for most of the family beach vacations since we all moved to the Atlanta area.

New Hampshire ^N6 - No Frame - 16 x 20.jpg
For Sale

New Hampshire #6

14" X 22", Oil on Canvas

I had the pleasure of Living in Boston for several years and on weekends, my wife and I would often travel up to Maine and New Hampshire. On most of those day trips, aside from getting lobster, I was able to get a wonderful amount of photography done. This is one of the few remaining pictures from that era since the photos have been long lost and other paintings were sold.

For Sale

"The First Time I Saw Paris"

24" X 36",  Oil on Canvas

This painting is from a photograph taken by my daughter. The subject is my grand-daughter on her first trip to Paris in 2019 and this picture was taken as she first opened the window to take in view of the streets of Paris from her hotel room. Quite a life experience for a 13 year old! And quite an experience for me to be able to paint it!

Final - Mikes BarnMikes Barn.jpg

"Mike's Barn"

30" X 40"

Color is not right - I shall fix! (It's a blue sky!)

My Daughter-in-Law always commented about this painting which she saw in a high-end restaurant. I decided to copy and largely edit it, but it is the same style as the original painter. It was a gift from me for her birthday.

As soon as I am able to ascertain thee name of the Artist, I will acknowledge (at which point it will become "Mike's Barn after Joe Smith"

Wine on a Box - No Frame_edited.jpg

"Open for Business"

18" X 24", Oil on Canvas

There are several items that for me have always been difficult to master. For example, waves can be choppy, rolling, rough with whitecaps and all variations. This was a study  (one of several with grapes) to master the translucency of grapes, but also wine. The chest upon which they all set was just me enjoying what I can do with oils!

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